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In this episode of The Abundant Accountant Podcast, Ross Jeffries joins me to share the 4 best marketing tips for accountants and how to put them into practice starting today.

Do you have a marketing plan for your accounting firm? Or are you kind of winging it as you go, hoping dream clients fall into your lap?

I’ve worked with a lot of accountants and I know that many of you shudder at the thought of having to go out and market yourself, so you avoid it at all costs. But as I’m sure you’ve learned, that isn’t going to bring in any business!

In order to build a solid accounting firm with the clients you love, having the right marketing techniques to ensure that you have a steady flow of dream clients walking in your doors (or calling you on the phone) is a must.

Here are a few key secrets we talked about in this episode:

* Michelle introduces Ross Jeffries and shares a little bit about who he is.
* Michelle explains that there is NO way to show how good you are at being an accounting professional without properly marketing yourself.
* Ross shares his definition of marketing.
* Content marketing is one of the most strategic ways that accounting professionals can market themselves.
* Want a quick tip for how to create more content? Ross shares a brilliant tip that he learned from his mentor Gary Halbert.
* Be sure that when you’re pushing your content to different channels you ensure it is formatted in whatever way is best for that platform.
* It’s important to get feedback from current clients so that you know what you are doing really well, so that you can market that to future prospects.
* Tip number two is to ensure you capture your leads.
* Unfortunately, many accounting professionals do not have a solid system for capturing leads and following up with them.
* Michelle stresses that we never ever want to discount our prices. NEVER!
* When you discount your services, you become a commodity like rice. ~ Ross Jeffries
* Tip number 3 is to start using social media, particularly LinkedIn, to market yourself.
* Both Ross and Michelle offer some great tips for building your presence on LinkedIn and on Twitter.
* Tip number 4 involves creating a passive income stream through affiliate income.
* While building up your affiliate income, continue to build your relationships. You never know who could lead to additional commission or referral fees!
* Ross introduces the acronym, NEER – Naturally Existing Economic Relationships, and explains what it means.
* Ross shares a great tip on how to build your credibility and expertise by using free publicity.


The Abundant Accountant Podcast is where you, the accounting professional, can come to learn the most efficient and powerful ways to grow your business and your accounting firm, sharpen your skills, and how to increase revenue. We cover topics from networking basics, pricing your services, how to find your ideal client, how to increase cash flow, setting boundaries with clients and much more so you can stop giving away your time and expertise away for free and start being paid your value and worth!

You’ll learn tips and strategies as well as hear personal interviews from successful accountants. This podcast for accountants will show you exactly how to create a business of your dreams full of abundance!


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